1 Down. A lifetime to go

My son Justice is 2 and a half. Every night he goes to bed around 9pm. Its mostly a rigorous routine of making sure he’s good and tired from the day. Then coming home, having a bath, making sure his tummy is FULL (otherwise he wants to wake up at 3am to a full meal), brushing teeth, then finally…. BEDTIME. But the price doesn’t end there. You see, before he can fall into that glorious world of sleep, there are two elements that cannot play hide when it comes to bedtime: His blankie and his binky (otherwise to known as a pacifier). But today was an exceptional day. TODAY… we LOST his binky. This would’t be extraordinary news as we have lost many-a-binky the past 30 months of his life and would just easily go buy another one. “What makes TODAY so different?” you ask? The fact that we are NOT buying another one. In OUR opinion, its time to wean from it to only sleeping with ONE item that eliminated insecurity that apparently we are born with. So here I am. Its almost 10:30pm – an hour and a half past the time that my beautiful son NORMALLY would be sleeping and I am sitting up writing this little note as he is in his room… singing. Yes. Singing. Its been a long day. My wife is very pregnant, tired from lack of sleep. I am a little frustrated with some of the events of the day, yea YEAR and exhausted on every front. “How on earth could be SINGING right now?!” I ask myself in the throws of my own funk. Then it hits me. Or rather, He speaks. And in the way that only He can. The beauty of love is that He can cut you at the knees while causing you to feel so loved and safe that you don’t even know you have been spiritually assaulted in a good way. Justice is CLEARLY tired from a long day but refuses to sleep and keeps yelling for me so that he can ask the same question again “Daddy, where’s my binky?” So that I can answer “We lost it. Its gone” again. But even in the stupor of his exhaustion, there is a song in his little heart. Granted, it’s poetry is elementary, “If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops, Oh what a rain it would it be….” yet somehow profound speaking of the joy that could be found in the “if only” of life and lacking to see the joy that is available in the NOW. How can something SO simple bring so much conviction. I am irritated. Wishing he would just sleep. But now, realizing that in the throws of life and the craziness that this year has ensued, there should be a song in my heart. I’m tired: SING. I’m frustrated: SING. I’m lonely: SING. I’m stressed: SING. There isn’t an occasion of life when the Song of the Lord can’t remind me of the joy that is always available at his right hand. So… I’m choosing to sing and change my perspective. I leave you with a song: If all the raindrops were lemondrops and gumdrops, Oh what a rain it would be. I would stand outside with my mouth open wide: (open mouthed) Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah. If all the raindrops were lemondrops and gumdrops Oh what a rain it would be. 🙂


And yes, he sings the WHOLE song.