AzusaNOW: A promise fulfilled

The Call: Azusa Now

Next weekend a historic event is happening in America. The gathering of thousands of believers in LA for The Call: Azusa. In 1906, in a humble home, a gathering lead by William Seymore turned into one of the staple revival meetings of recent modern history. There were notable miracles and signs and wonders. The greatest of them being the salvation of the human heart. Many were saved during that time. You can read more about it in other places. But William Seymore gave a prophetic word that within 100 years the Lord would do it again in a greater measure. Here were are at the 110 year anniversary of the beginning of that revival and MANY have been asking and believing God to pour out his spirit. Not because William Seymore said it. But because it was already prophesied in Acts chapter 4. We need an awakening in our world that will bring absolute transformation to our world.

But for me, this is personal. You see, TODAY (April 3, 2016) marks the 13 year anniversary of my Mothers graduation to heaven. I’ve written about it before I think so I will spare all of the details. But in a completely unexpected form, she just left. One minute we were talking and for hours later she was gone. The story goes like this:

It was 10pm April 3, 2003 and I was packing a bag to travel to Michigan to be part of a LIVE worship album at Hope College. I had written a song a couple of years earlier called “Ressurection and Life” which i recorded on my first album and this college choir wanted to record it and asked if I would come be the guest vocalist. A little after 10pm my phone rang. It was mom. Typically she was asleep by now so I was surprised to say the least. After some small talk and my attempting to rush her off the phone so that i could finish packing and get a little sleep before an early flight, she said “Your father and I have been praying for you and truly believe that the Lord is going to sovereignly meet you and use you through this recording. We are very proud of you and love you so much”. I hurriedly thanked her and rushed off the phone with an “I love you too mom!” After packing and going to bed, I was abruptly awakened at 3am and I heard Holy Spirit loud and clear asking me to go to another room in my house to pray. In obedience and half asleep, I obeyed. I didn’t know what I was to pray for so I mostly prayed in tongues very intently for about 30 minutes then I heard him say “Ok. Go back to bed”. Gladly I did. 3 hours later, around 6:30am April 3, my phone rang again. This time It was my Dad. I could hardly make out what he was saying because he was clearly upset. I was finally able to make out what he was saying and it was “I can’t wake up your mother!!” In a hurried panic I grabbed my keys and ran out the door to make the 30 minute drive to my parents house. When I arrived, many others had shown up already as well as the paramedics. I walked into the house to find the paramedics rolling her body out the front door and my dad sitting on the floor of the kitchen crying and asking the question “Why did you take her from me Lord?” repeatedly.
My dad had found her in sitting straight up in her bed with her bible open to John 18/19. Her hands were in a worship posture and music was playing softly by the bed. She appeared to be worshipping. But she was gone. We believe she went up in the spirit like John and simply stayed.

The next few days brought lots of questions and some uncertainties as we prayed and believed in faith for God to bring her back to us. While he didn’t, we still encountered him in some cool ways that I will spare for the book when it comes. But I went on the Michigan to do that recording as I felt like she would still want me to. Especially given the fresh revelation that my mom was dead but that Jesus IS still the resurrection and life and just as He told Martha of her brother Lazarus, I knew she would rise again. So went to Michigan the day after her untimely death and recorded that song more convinced of its message than I ever had been before.

A few days later (April 7th, 2003) We layed my mother in her final resting place as a seed in the ground. At her funeral though her pastor spoke two of the most significant prophetic words over my brother and I. The first I’ve already written about in another blog titled Purpose, Prophecy and Prayer, . The second word was “I see you two in a stadium together. Jaye you will draw them. Jonathan you will send them”.

Anyone who knows my brother and I, knows that this word describes perfectly who we are in terms of ministry. I’ve been leading worship for 22 years. My brother has been preaching for probably 20 years. I’ve always watched this uncanny anointing unfold in our lives. I’m anointed to draw people in worship to Jesus. Hearts alive and engaged. And I know it’s more than just that I have a nice voice. My brother is anointed to mobilize and call people to action. To spur them to righteous thinking and action amid crisis and simply for the sake of the gospel.

In just a few days, The Call Azusa is happening in LA. So far 80,000 people have registered for this event. We are gathering to pray and ask God to release revival in our nation again like he did 110 years ago but in a greater measure. I have the terrifying privilege of leading worship at this event. My brother will be giving a 15 minute exhortation. And to boot -it is happening in a stadium exactly 13 years and two days to the day that our mother was laid in the ground and became a seed. To say I tremble in the fear of the Lord over this is an understatement.

I am excited to gather with the currently registered 80,000 people in LA to contend for revival and awakening in our nation and the nations of the earth. My job is simple: to worship. I hope to meet you there. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do that from my home page. Or you can join the countless thousands by live stream on GodTV.