RE-Introducing Song of Hope Ministries, Inc!

You know what the wildest part of parenting is when you have more than one child? Its the total mystery of how two kids can come from the same parent yet be SO radically different! I am ever amazed at the grave differences between my son Justice (now 7)  and my daughter Addison (almost 5). Just when I think I … Read More

AzusaNOW: A promise fulfilled

The Call: Azusa Now

Next weekend a historic event is happening in America. The gathering of thousands of believers in LA for The Call: Azusa. In 1906, in a humble home, a gathering lead by William Seymore turned into one of the staple revival meetings of recent modern history. There were notable miracles and signs and wonders. The greatest of them being the salvation … Read More

Grace and Peace


NO DOUBT 2015 has been the hardest year of my life. I know I may have already said that in a previous blog. Sorry for the redundancy. I’m not over here looking for pity or a pat on the back. I’m just expressing the difficulty is has been to stay a believer in Jesus. If that hasn’t been a wrestle … Read More

Good Grief!

Jaye on Grief

Remember the character from Charlie Brown named Lucy? She would ever get disgusted with Charlie and shout “Good Grief, Charlie Brown!” I loved that cartoon as a child. Oh let’s be honest: I love it as an adult too. Christmas just ain’t Christmas without “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown”. You know the one with the scene where Linus goes on stage … Read More

Killing me softly….

killing me softly

I cannot lie. I am a SUCKER for that old Roberta Flack tune from January of 1973. Its that insanely mesmerizing, and emotional chord progression  with such a constant bass line and the chimes that can put any musician in a trance. The only thing is I have NO idea what she is saying or actually singing about. I can … Read More



I never imagined that I would be writing a blog about the number 17. Now before you get turned off – this is NOT one of those posts that hyper-spiritualizes the number 17 -paralleling every time I have seen or heard the number and making something profoundly deep out of it. No. This post is quite simple. Its about my … Read More

Happy Birthday!

birthday cake

On October 26, 2014 (approximately 10 days early), The Thomas household welcomed Addison Lyric into our home. She was born at home with NO complications. And she was 6 lbs and 14 oz and 21 inches of sheer perfection. When our son Hasen Justice was born, there was a swirl of activity as he came in a most unexpected way … Read More

5 weeks!


Some know. Some don’t. But in 5 short weeks, my family will welcome another addition -the arrival of our baby girl Addison Lyric. This may not be as big a deal to you unless you realize the miracle that this is both in MY life as well as my wife. You see, just a few years ago, my wife was … Read More


Hey everyone! I want to share some really exciting news! MY FAMILY IS GOING TO HAITI!!!!!!! Yeah. But we need your help to do! Please check out this video! Share and most importantly GIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you in advance!


Today marks 14 days since the release of my new album “Here is my worship”.  I have been overwhelmed by the international response via, messages, emails, texts, calls and all other forms of social media. Many are asking “How is the album doing?” with excitement in your voice. To be honest, I have deliberately NOT kept up with sales or … Read More