Where is my worship? HERE is my worship!

If you have been following me on social media, then you were with me on the glorious countdown to TODAY! If you DON’T follow me, you should. I’m easy to find. My twitter and Instagram feed is simply @jayethomasmusic. But the day has FINALLY ARRIVED!!! I thought Tues Sept 9 would NEVER get here! This album release is a big … Read More

1 Down. A lifetime to go

My son Justice is 2 and a half. Every night he goes to bed around 9pm. Its mostly a rigorous routine of making sure he’s good and tired from the day. Then coming home, having a bath, making sure his tummy is FULL (otherwise he wants to wake up at 3am to a full meal), brushing teeth, then finally…. BEDTIME. … Read More


So you may have seen this hashtag on some of my social media networks. I adopted it from the IHOPU student outreach missions trips as it perfectly describes what 2014 has looked like for me and what is in my heart. Even as I type this I am in Southeast Asia (Singapore) teaching, training and leading in worship. In the … Read More

Corporate Family

Ok. Just today I tweeted this: “Body of Christ: Stop using ‘family’ lingo but ‘corporate America’ antics. They are opposing realities. #helpLord #longwaytogo”. This caused a few people to respond with questions similar to “what are you talking about?” So I’m breaking free of the bondage of 160 characters to explain what I mean and where that came from. I … Read More


So many of you have taken the time to download my latest single featuring The Cry called “STANDING”. If you haven’t perhaps you should stop reading after this sentence and click the image to the right of this post and download it so that you can have a grid for what I am about to say. This really is a … Read More

Mali (Making) Music on American Idol

I’m sure many of you don’t know who Mali Music is. Born Jamaal Pollard in Savannah, GA Mali Music has become a POWERFUL, edgy voice in the gospel music industry. He is clearly a worshipper at heart and loves the Lord as is evidenced in his music. I’ve been in and around gospel music my ENTIRE life and can attest … Read More

Let the Nations SING!

I couldn’t be more blessed than to be married to Nayomi. Not only is she one of the most amazing women of God I have ever known with a genuine reach for the Lord. But she is a child of the nations. Having parents from the country of Suriname, born in Holland, raised in Venezuela and now settled in America, … Read More


Ok. Can we just keep it real for a moment? Onething is 6 days away. My wife Nayomi and I have the awesome privilege of hosting this years conference. From what we have been told to date, there are 25,000 people registered for the conference so far and climbing. While thats incredible and more than we have ever had registered … Read More

A new Song. A new sound.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I vehemently dislike cliches. I have often said “I don’t want the language unless I understand its sayings”. Mike Bickle calls it “being a voice versus being an echo”. So when I hear phrases like “the new song” or “the new sound”, they drive me crazy because we have such a limited understanding … Read More

MOPS International conference 2013

I just wanted to give a BIG shot out to the Ladies that are part of the MOPS International. I had the BEAUTIFUL privilege of leading worship for their international conference this year that was hosted in Kansas City. It was AMAZING to be able to bless the hardest working people group in the world- MOMS! It was incredible! I … Read More