Purpose. Prophesy. And Prayer.

I am often asked when I travel how I became part of the prayer and worship movement. I love to tell this story but it is often to long to tell in one sitting. So here it is in its entirety for you to enjoy and share. Get ready to be encouraged, challenged and inspired! I could NOT shake from … Read More

A Government that CAN’T shut down

On every news station. On every blog site. On every social media site. All we are hearing about is the government shutdown and how it is affecting everyone. What is “essential”? What is “non-essential”? Will benefits still be given? Will it last long? I don’t have the answer to any of these questions. But there is an answer that I … Read More

Where Have I Been All Your Life?

If I’ve heard it once I have heard it a million times: “When are you going to update your website? “ I know folks. The last blog post I wrote was about the Onething conference in Kansas City in 2009.  Well, I’m BACK and better than ever. And this time I promise to blog almost daily.  My grandmother used to … Read More