Happy Birthday!

birthday cake
Addison ThomasOn October 26, 2014 (approximately 10 days early), The Thomas household welcomed Addison Lyric into our home. She was born at home with NO complications. And she was 6 lbs and 14 oz and 21 inches of sheer perfection. When our son Hasen Justice was born, there was a swirl of activity as he came in a most unexpected way -by “C section” and my wife was really sick because of a reaction to medicines given in the hospital. There were so many emotions as they whisked him away to run all their tests on him.

But with Addison, things were very different. We were at HOME for starters. Nayomi started having contractions very early in the morning. Around 3am to be exact. They increased in intensity through the day and around 4pm the ACTION started. At 8:30pm our baby girl came into the world in the most glorious and graceful way! Without even as much as a whimper, she lay on her mothers chest soaking in the love that filled the room. She is so beautiful and a wonderful reminder (along with our two other kids) of the LOVE that The Father has for us.

10.26 is a day we won’t soon forget. Happy Birthday little Addison Lyric! We celebrate your life and who you are!