My New Growing as a Worship Leader Online Course

Jaye Thomas Online Class

In less than one month my new class will begin through International House of Prayer University Online. After leading worship for over 22 years, I can honestly say I wish I had someone with experience to share tools with me to help as I tried to figure out the ins and outs of leading a team, working in different contexts, and all of the other things I didn’t anticipate when I first began.

IHOPU put together a series of classes we are calling the Prophetic Worship Series. My class will focus on tools that will help us keep our hearts alive as we connect with God and engage His people in worship. We’ll also discuss how to keep our worship sets invigorated with the knowledge of God, causing us to experience His presence in new and life-giving ways, and giving us the ability to lead His people into the highest calling of loving Him. Below is a youtube video where I share a few more details. Check it out and get registered while there is still space!

Signing up for my Growing as a Worship Leader course only costs $150 and the class begins on May 9, 2016. You can register below or get more information by visiting


IHOPU is offering each Prophetic Worship Series class for $150. Or you can purchase all four courses as one package and receive a $100 discount! This is an amazing opportunity to work with Justin Rizzo, Misty Edwards, Jon Thurlow, and other worshippers to equip the body of Christ with the tools to make His name famous throughout the earth. Join us as we get into the practical issues in facilitating His presence.

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