Ok. Can we just keep it real for a moment? Onething is 6 days away. My wife Nayomi and I have the awesome privilege of hosting this years conference. From what we have been told to date, there are 25,000 people registered for the conference so far and climbing. While thats incredible and more than we have ever had registered for a onething event before, can we JUST keep it real for a second? See, Onething is and has always been about encountering Jesus. This year is no different. But the fact remains that so many more people are registered this year because there are popular people that will be there like: Jesus Culture, Matt Redman, Francis Chan, and Banning Liebsher and others. This isn’t necessarily bad. For many others its a time to connect with old friends from around world who are part of this international family of affection. Don’t misunderstand – I have traveled the world and made some incredible connections and long lasting friendship and many of YOU are coming from around the world. I have received many many messages from people saying “I’d love to see you and connect for coffee or lunch.” The reality is that there is NO way I will be able to connect with everyone that in my heart to see. Its just impossible. But to be honest this is the main thing I look forward to every year. See, Im an introvert and the thought of 25,000 plus people who all know my name in one place makes me want to hyperventilate even now. I’m glad that Jesus is bigger than our agenda’s. Our prayer for you all that you would truly encounter Jesus and touch the reality of Psalm 132 this year! If you are one of those people who ALWAYS wait to the last minute to register, how about try something new this year? Register at ihopkc.org/onething! See ya there!