So many of you have taken the time to download my latest single featuring The Cry called “STANDING”. If you haven’t perhaps you should stop reading after this sentence and click the image to the right of this post and download it so that you can have a grid for what I am about to say. This really is a testimony to what The Lord desires to do with that song. It was birthed in the place of night and day prayer and worship as a spontaneous song, in the middle of a worship set, in the middle of night. While the rest of America was sleeping, me and a room of a couple hundred people were praying and worshiping (because thats what we do at if you care to join us LIVE), and this song came forth. At the time, I didn’t intend to make an actual “single” with it. But the more I heard it in my head, I thought “We should record this so we don’t forget it”. So I went to one of the most GENIUS producers I’ve ever known, Jared Logan of and asked for his help. What happened is what you hear today. Well, I decided it was a fun track and wanted to make it available to folk so we put it online for sale. The response has been more than I imagined it would have ever been.  It was released in Dec 2013. Here in April 2014, it is on regular rotation on the radio in 5 major cities within the U.S. and most recently was picked up by Kirk Franklin’s Praise on Sirius Satellite Radio -NATIONAL SYNDICATION. I gotta be honest, I’m in a little shock right now to be honest. I never saw that coming but I want to thank so many of you have written and said how much the song meant to you. I LOVE what I do and I LOVE that The Cry is part of it. Our aim is NOT fame or recognition at ALL. We simply want to make Jesus famous. I’m not looking for interviews, concerts or tour dates. None of those things interest me unless they are all about making the name of Jesus more than religious rhetoric. Anyway, thank you again! And I am excited to announce that my new, LIVE,  FULL LENGTH CD entitled “Here is my Worship” will be released in Sept. It is also featuring The Cry. So, keep checking here for details! Until then, KEEP STANDING!