Today marks 14 days since the release of my new album “Here is my worship”.  I have been overwhelmed by the international response via, messages, emails, texts, calls and all other forms of social media. Many are asking “How is the album doing?” with excitement in your voice. To be honest, I have deliberately NOT kept up with sales or rankings as it can become all-consuming and the focal point and I have no desire for that to happen. BUT a few reports that I have gotten are as follows:

1. It was in the top 10 in Christian/gospel on iTunes for over a week

2. Was ranked #9 in Christian music in Europe

3. This week is #8 on the Praise and Worship Charts

4. Has been critically reviewed and praised in a number of magazines and radio shows including a review by John Tesh (formerly of Entertainment Tonight)

5. Has been picked up on the nationally syndicated “KLOVE” radio for regular rotation


I am beyond honored and surprised and hope that it continues to lead people into a deeper reality of the presence of God. If you haven’t purchased it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! 🙂


Thank you again to everyone who has and has sent encouragement. I have read them all and am deeply touched. Bless you!